Click A Perfect Selfie With Line’s New Photo App

Line, the Japanese messaging app with more than 450 million users, is pushing really hard to create its name in the photo-app business, as ‘Photo-App World,’ is something next level after Facebook and Twitter became interested in taking pictures to a whole new level. Talking about Instagram, did you ever thought that a simple app will be dissolved that much deeply in people’s heart. Selfie Man! We’re crazy about Selfie.

Line, recently introduced a selfie-stickers app, has polled Europeans on their “selfie addiction,” and now is taking things further with a new photo app which as described earlier is all about Selfies.

Courtesy: John Russell
Courtesy: John Russell

The app which is currently available for iOS users, uses the front-facing camera exclusively, you simply touch the screen to take a photo of yourself and boom, there you see a some magic. There’s no shutter sound too, which encourages users to take as many photos as they like, maybe secretly?

Making it a unique and clever tactic, this app lets you choose the filter before snapping a selfie! B612 has 43 filters, which can be manually selected by using a quick button on the bottom of the screen that shifts one-by-one.

Android users will have to “wait a little while” as this photo-app for Android Users is in development.

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