PTCL Official Website Hacked by Hacker Sultan, demanding the increase of data limit [Updated]

PTCl, leading telecommunication authority in Pakistan, website was hacked down by a group of hackers demanding the company to review their broadband package by increasing the data limit.

The main reason behind hacking the PTCL’s website again and again is to make them realize not to reduce Broadband Volumes, hackers reported.

The hacker, instead of defacing the homepage, in order to show something hard, tried to inserted a text in their site’s root directory.

Late evening when users opened www.ptcl.com.pk, the official web address for PTCL they were automatically redirected to a defaced page (shown below):


Hacker emphasized the company not to snatch the public basic online rights:

The reason behind this hack is the revision of all broadband bundles. \ Weren’t we paying enogh for this?! \ Earlier you revised bundles and decreased data limit to 75GB from 100 GB (so called unlimited) and now you made it 30 GB 😮 WTF -_-. \ I mean what would a user like me will do this with bundle? This is not even enough for browsing… Lets take my example, I’m an IT guy. I need internet all the time. I was using your wingle 9.3 unlimited package.. and I was working on Last stage of my project and suddenly my pakage was all consumed and my internet was disconnected. Didn’t apply your so called FUP. It was completely down and my project was nothing more than a wasted shitt */ I checked my evo statistics and it was 30GB consumed only. and my internet was down without any notification. \ this made me hack your website and let you know about my story But i’m damn sure there would be 100’s of evo users like me out there. So please.. ehsaas karo kuch awaam ka!

All the online agencies blame the Government of Pakistan and argue that absence of cyber laws in Pakistan has given a free hand to hackers and exploiters, as the hacker says, he hacked the website just to show that how little problem he was facing, like he can hack anything without thinking twice — about the bad impact of this issue, on the global media.

The PTCL website was also hacked a number of times earlier and were advised by many companies to increase their security systems by protecting their servers by hiring a group of talented engineers, it appears that company has failed to deploy any betterment in terms of server security.

According to sources, some security engineers reported that PTCL server has been insecure for a long time, and this was due to rhe kind of security engineers PTCL has arranged for its website, and the security experts also demanded PTCL to change its IT team.

This news has not been reported (till now) by any TV channel or Newspaper from Pakistan!

But the question remains the same, were PTCL’s servers that much easy to get in?

Update: PTCL website was updated by their lazy engineers and hacker’s message has been removed now!


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