Shrturl.co: Deface Any Webpage Around the Web In Seconds

Defacing a page was never that much easy in past, as the genes of defacing a page were only present in a few hackers but now a very talented designer Alexander Griffioen built a cool little tool with which any one can edit and deface a page in a very few simple steps.

Shrturl.co is a URL shortener that allows you to edit the page that its shortened URLs link to. It works in a very easy manner: visit shrturl.co, enter a page URL and press the big ‘Edit’ button, you’ll be kicked to a framed version of the target site on which you can edit and change any text or add an image. Probably, do anything which you want to. When your creativity is done and you’ve finally defaced your page you press ‘Save & Finish’ and you’ll get a custom shrturl.co pointing to your edited page.  This will take heart-attacks on a whole new level, mostly used for humor purpose by many youngsters, people are enjoying this cool tool by changing (defacing) headlines on news sites and making their on fake news. BBC has already gone under attack several times.


Do a little homework by searching “shrturl” on different social networks and you’ll end up with a lot of fake statuses and shocked tweets linking to Shrturl’s pages. Shrturl.co has surprisingly generated 681,000 pageviews in its first week. Woaah!

Although, the edited pages and their URL’s get expires in approximately 48 hours, but aren’t they enough confuse all your friends, and the rest of the world and mess up other plans if your creativity goes viral.

What are you waiting for? Go try the service yourself at shrturl.to. Any negative consequences are surely your own responsibility.

Written by WebDesk

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