An Exclusive Interview with Famous Actor & Model ‘Naveed Raza’

Date of Birth: 7th July

Education: Graduate BBA (Hons)

Siblings: One younger Sister

Birthplace: Karachi, Pakistan.

1) We’ll start off easy – what sparked your initial interest in acting?

From my childhood I was inspired with movies, heroes, their style, action and everything else. I was highly attracted towards it. My mother always called me a ‘performer’ because even in my childhood I had the confidence to get up anywhere and perform. Although she wanted me to become a pilot but acting is what truly inspired me.

2) Tell us about how the process of getting your first role began? How did television happen? Why did you want to become an actor in the first place? What took you down that road?

One day when I returned from my university, I was switching channels and I saw Ali Zafar in Tarang ad in which they were looking for contestants in a show called “Hero Bannay ki Tarang.” I applied and I was selected immediately. But the problem was that the auditions were in Lahore and they were not sponsored. I was not comfortable in asking my family for the money because they did not believe in acting. I was desperate, so I sold nearly every valuable thing I had but when it still wasn’t enough I tried to convince my family to pay for the rest of the expenses and my father agreed. So I finally flew to Lahore, gave my audition, was selected and my journey towards acting began. I survived all 12 episodes and was titled “Winner of first season of Hero Bannay Ki Tarang’ which wouldn’t have been possible without my mentor, teacher and adviser, my dear friend Faysal Qureshi.

3) What big names in drama industry you look to for inspiration, whose work has influenced you most?

I was always inspired and a die heart fan of Waheed Murab Sb. I followed all his work but unfortunately never got a chance to meet him. People still say I have “his characteristics.”

If you talk about television, I have learned so much from Faysal Qureshi, Shabir Jan, Qawi Khan Sb, Badar Khalil and all my seniors that I have worked with. I am the biggest fan of this industry and it has inspired me in the true sense. Every person who is playing a part in this industry is my hero and I am proud to be a part of it.

4) What are the biggest challenges of working in Karachi City?

Karachi is my city. It is now the hub of media industry. I have never found any difficulty. It is my home and hence I am as comfortable in it as I would be in my own house.

5) Embarrassing moment ever during the shooting or performance?

When I was shooting for my movie, Syed Noor’s ‘Price of Honor’ (I am still anxiously waiting for its release), the very first day of the set was the funniest. I was the hero of the set but in the set next door Meera was shooting for her movie. I was curious to see her shooting and I left my own shoot and went to her shoot and stood in the public to see it. After a while, somebody from my shoot comes to get me and says ‘Sir you are the Hero in our movie, it doesn’t suit you stand in public and watch the shooting.’ It was pretty embarrassing but I was overwhelmed with seeing a real film shoot and I forgot everything else.

6) Why have you concentrated more on acting as opposed to modelling?

Modeling was never my area of interest. I was always an actor and acting gets me everywhere from dramas to commercials to cover pages to print ads.

7) If you see on the monitor that you haven’t delivered as per your expectations, do you ask for another take?

I tend to prepare my scene and dialogues before the take so much that I usually give the best shot in first time. But yes if ever, I am not confident with the shot I do ask my director for another take because there is no compromise on the quality of the work.

8) What do you think about the quality of Lollywood films and television dramas and sitcoms being made right now?

Lollywood films are progressing but it will still take some time for it grow again. Television industry is blooming every day. However, there is good quality work and bad quality work. Expensive productions and cheaper productions. So keeping in consideration the project and its resources I think everyone is trying to do their best. Sitcoms are surely the ‘in thing’ nowadays and as long as someone smiles because of watching you in a SITCOM, there is nothing better than that.

9) What is the best part of being an actor?

The happiness, excitement and countless blessings that I get from my fans every day on roads, malls, restaurants, social media and all other places is what makes all worth it.

10) Comment: What is the best method to change the world, the pen or the sword?

Pen for the literate and educated and sword for some people. You know who I am talking about!

11) Is there anything you pulled from your own experiences into this character?

Every character I play is a reflection of me. So nearly all my characters are the different sides of my own personality.

12) Which has been the most satisfying role of your career and why?

There have been many. But the hunger for a satisfying role is still there. Whenever I play a character I tend to go deep into it and sometimes when it finishes I feel like I have lost a part of myself.

13) What would be your life if you haven’t joined this Industry?

I can’t even imagine that. I was always so focused and in love with this industry that I never thought of any other plan.

14) Acting and modelling! What’s next on the cards?

I am happy with what I am, a ‘dramaybaaz.’ It will go on and on and on and there is nothing next.

15) Your forthcoming projects?

That’s a long list. For now I would recommend my fans to stay tuned to:

  1. ‘Darar’ on ARY
  2. “Main soteli’ on Urdu1
  3. ‘’Dhoom dharaka’ on ARY.

There are many more serials, sitcoms and soaps in pipeline.

16) Where would you wish to wake up tomorrow?

On my own bed, getting up to get ready for shoot and do what I love doing most.

17) What advice would you give others interested in acting?

I would recommend them to be focused instead of wanting to be a model, actor, director, singer, host all at one time. You can only be perfect in what you do if you focus and then strive for it every day. It is good to grab all opportunities you find, but sometimes it is much better to know what you actually want. If you become an actor then I wish that you bring positivity, professionalism and hard work to the sets everyday so that you make this industry a further better place.

18) On a scale from one to 10, rate me as an interviewer.

Ofcourse 10 on 10! I enjoyed answering all the questions because they were different from the regular and more thought provoking.

19) Any message for your fans?

Have faith in yourself, work hard, spread happiness and love and remember the world is what you make of it. Great power brings great responsibilities. Be proud of your country, always!

20) Views about GaibianPost?

It is excellent. Good thought!

21) How can your fans interact with you?





Thank you ‘Naveed Raza’ for this interview.

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