Chase Your Dreams Before It’s Too Late

You are a girl you cannot smoke. You are a girl you cannot stay up late outside the house. You are a girl you cannot wear short clothes. You are a girl so modeling is not for you. You are a girl so opting dance as a profession’s not for you. You are a guy you ought to be either an engineer or a doctor. And if you are ruling the world of your billionaire daddy’s big business then that’s like heaven on the earth. When a guy talks about being a chef or a makeup artist or studying in an arts school then the moral police (society) will tell him to man up.

But what about your dreams that have always been concealed down there in your cerebellum. Is this world, society and others are worth giving up your dreams? Do you really think so? We live for once and all. I, you, we, all of us. What if I don’t start chasing my dreams today, right now and instead wait for the right time; the right future. And then I don’t feel the warmth of the blazing sun in my bones tomorrow. I am down there under tons of mud. My dreams? My life? Yes everything’s gone. But you know the crux is that I won’t be sad on not breathing anymore but I shall feel ruined because that was all, the whole of it and I can’t have another life. A life to fulfill all that I have always dreamt about.

It’s time for you to realize and take a step towards your dreams. Catch them before they fly away. Live, love and laugh. 🙂

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