Foaster a Toaster like iPhone Charger can charge two iPhones at once

Looking for a slightly quirkier way too charge your shine new Apple iPhones? Here we have got something special for you, this humorous Foaster charging toaster is a new novel charging dock for your iPhone and the creators are currently running a Kickstarter to put this neat dock into production.

The Foaster charging toaster has been design to manage your charging cables and make it easier for you to easily charge and sync if required your iPhones. Watch the video after the jump to see it in action.

The Foaster supports the iPhone 5, 5S, 5C and can charge two at once. The thought behind this funky design was a research which was carried out by its creators at Covena Design, found that the kitchen is one of the most common places for overnight iPhone charging.

One of the beauties of the iPhone’s design is Apple’s insistence that it can be used with one hand. Why then, should it take two hands to charge your phone? foaster’s brilliant design makes it easy to insert your phone into one of the slots to begin charging. The size of the slots has been optimized based on extensive study of dimensions of “bare” iPhones, as well as “standard-sized” cases. Ready to get your phone out? Even if one hand is busy holding a kitten or a chainsaw- all you need is one free hand to easily grab your phone and go!

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