Google launches Android 5.0 ‘Lollipop’

After months of curiosity, Google finally revealed the new “L” name for Android 5.0, Lollipop. Google announced its largest and most ambitious release with more than 5,000 APIs and a new design approach called Material Design.

Lollipop Forest

The new design is completely fulfilling Android’s commitment: it’s designed to be shared. The mobile operating system will also enable users to adjust their settings so that only certain people and notifications can get through, for example, when one is with family or enjoying important dinner with business partners. The important notification will be directly seen from the lockscreen.

There’s a new battery saver feature that extends the life of your device by up to 90 minutes. Android 5.0 will make your device more stronger with a PIN, password, pattern and lets you pair your device with car’s smart lock and even your watch. This isn’t all, Lollipop is filled up with bunch of taste.

Currently, users with Nexus 6 and Nexus 9 can only enjoy ‘Lollipop,’ while other devices will have to wait just a little bit. 

Notifications will align at the top of the screen rather than disturbing your game's playing area!
Notifications will align at the top of the screen rather than disturbing your game’s playing area!

Android Lollipop also introduces a new feature called “smart lock,”. allowing users to set a location – such as their home, car or office desk, such as a smart watch or work keyboard – as a trigger to disable the need to type in a password.

Multiple accounts are now supported on phones. Now, you can confidently handover your device to that naughty kid that likes to use your smartphone to play games, you can now feel confident that they will no longer randomly tweet gibberish from your device.

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