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Interview – Babrus Khan, Digital Artist and Animator from Pakistan

1) For those who don’t know about you and your work, can you tell us a little about yourself? 

My name is Babrus Khan, I am a Digital Artist and an animator – quite overrated at that. I have been working as one.

2) I’d like to start with a general background of what you were doing prior to the time and how you got the idea of your first project? How long your first major project took you from the time you came up with the idea to the day you shared the final images with the world? 

I always wanted to study art properly from one of our top art schools but I couldn’t study beyond college due to some family and financial problems. I had to let go of college and start working. I was young, I had no outstanding skill, I had no experience professionally so I was given a chance as an intern at this firm. I had a lot to prove. I learned and improved as I got my chances and got to work on a commercial which was a hit at that time. Then I was offered a job at one of the more prominent firms, they paid me and trained me and I got to work on projects that helped me grow.

I would say my first major project was not really mine as it was a brand work for the firm I was interning at, I did what I was asked. You see the profession of art is still not fully understood by the people here, so we have to survive in the field first and then when we have spent some good time in the industry its then when clients start taking us seriously and listen to us. People think that I am drawing comics or doing killer character designs but that’s not the case my professional life requires me to interact with brands and clients of such sort and work for them. And once in a blue moon if I am lucky I get the chance to work on projects that are more my type.

3) Have you followed a design school? If so, how did it help you become a better artist?

Like I mentioned earlier I couldn’t attend any art school even though I wanted to.

4) Can you take us through a typical day for you, from warm-up to when you put the pencil down and call it a day? What was the tool or technique you had the most difficulty mastering?  

My day starts with me getting to work by 9 then I start with a small brainstorm with my team about the day and assign them their tasks. I am not only drawing at work but I am a 3D artist as well so I am making 3D models or texturing them, some research work and troubleshooting if needed.

My forte is drawing. And I love line art mostly. Because I am a fan of comics and Manga’s (Japanese Comics) and they are heavy on line art I like to be a comic artist one day. That being said, I always have an uneasy feeling working with colors so I usually draw and leave my work black and white.

5) Which resources do you turn to for inspiration? What do you think is the biggest challenge as a digital painter?

I wouldn’t call myself a digital painter. Like I said earlier I enjoy line art more than colors. Good lines are not only fun but fascinating for me. As a digital artist, challenge is not to draw good, anyone can draw good with practice, challenge is to map out a good interesting composition. I like to draw characters and I like to draw them in motion, work that if you look at, you can feel the fluidity and motion in it. So if I am doing a fan art of one of my favorite heroes, drawing them isn’t the problem, the problem is finding the right posture and balance that I can enjoy drawing and that better defines my style of work.

6) What is the work you’ve done that you’re the most excited about? Do you ever feel like, you like some of your artworks less as time goes by and digital painting skills improve?

Actually I love my old work to this day, it helps me measure myself as an artist and I can tell what have I become from the day I started, to this day. If I look at my old work I don’t measure my skill but my observation and themes. I was into darker themes with gore and stuff compared to now where I like to work on more lighter side of things. Even if I am drawing something dark I present it in a way that anyone can enjoy looking at my work. My work that I am excited about over the years, most of that work are personal projects, some client work from abroad and very recently me and my team were tasked to make a 3D game in one day. So we did it and I am excited about what we did regardless of the quality and other technical shortcomings.

7) Other than creating art, what are your other hobbies or passions and how, if at all, do you think they have influenced your art (or vice versa)?

I was an introvert back in the days, my influences were mostly from the things I read or watch. The games I played, the comics I read etc. So most of the things I did were influenced by those things and I was always doing darker stuff. Later my professional life made me more of a people person, I started enjoying meeting new people and their company and as I enjoyed drawing characters more I realized that my characters were missing a “character.” They were just pretty drawings with no personality and meeting people helped me overcome that, I meet people and I like noticing their little things, their words or habits etc and that help me do things more better. As an artist I believe we should go out and meet people & travel, as it helps broaden our mental horizon. This changed me and now even my darker themes have a personality or so I like to believe. So in short, my hobbies include music, reading, drawing and going out meeting new people/travel.

8) Do you ever go through down times when you are not happy with your own work or skills? Do you ever face “creativity blocks?”

This happens quite often. When that happens I can still draw but it usually lacks that feel and character that I want in my work. It mostly happens when I am in an uncomfortable state of mind or when I am not satisfied with my work.

How I get out of it? Well in such times I need inspiration and that inspiration comes from things around me not another artist, call it a personal preference.

9) How often do you experiment with new styles and how do you decide which suits you best? How long does it take you to create something?

When I am free, when I have time at hand, I start doodling and when I am doodling I am usually browsing other artists work. I favour style in my work more than realism and I follow artists who have style in their work. I look at their work observe what makes their work better. I long to have a stylized style of my own that people can point and tell “Hey that’s Bab’s work!”

10) Where do you see yourself in one year? Do you think that you are achieving your goal? What sort of feedback did you get from it? What’s next?

I have some ridiculously big and unrealistic goals, I don’t know where I stand in that regard but I know that I am working towards that. In a year’s time professionally I will have more responsibility that I know. But personally, I am working and I will keep on doing so even after I achieve my goal.

11) If there was one piece of advice you could tell yourself in the beginning of your career, what would it be? Any message for your fans?

More than starting or an ending, more than getting to the point where you achieve your goal that ultimate victory, whats more important is the journey, that journey will shape you as a person and by the time you are at that point you always wanted to be, you are always a different person. So enjoy your journey, make every day count. Do something everyday to remember the day. And that’s not just regarding work, but anything in life, forget about bad work or good work just give it your best and enjoy it. No one has the right nor do we have it to judge someone’s work. So enjoy it and you wouldn’t know, just by enjoying everyday of that journey you’ll be that someone you always wanted. Maybe someone better.

12) On a scale from one to 10, rate me as an interviewer.

I am not sure how to do that I have never read any prior interviews from you before. So I guess I have to apologize for not answering lol.

13) Views about GaibianPost? 

I am a pretty oblivious person I don’t really know about a lot of famous tech blogs and webs so you have to forgive me for not knowing about your platform. I am sure its a brilliant place as you are giving a chance to people like me.

14) Where to find Babrus Khan on the Web.

I have a deviant-art page and a Facebook page it has all my personal doodles. I don’t really put up my professional works there, they are my client works they go in my private corporate portfolio.

Interviewed by: Abdul Rehman Mian

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