iPhone users can also use Google Glass to send text messages and access navigation

To send text messages or to access navigation via Google Glass, currently users have to pair it with an Android Phone by installing the Glass companion app on their Android phones, to enjoy the ride but Google Glass has brought a new feature in which Apple’s iPhone users can also integrate their iPhone with Google Glass and send text messages.

If you want to integrate your iPhone with Google Glass you just need an Wi-Fi connection to get online. But the bad news is that currently iPhone users cannot use the navigation feature.

Navigation are very useful if you want to explore a new city or you are on a holiday and cant find out a way to your required place.

According to TechCrunch, Google’s Glass has a built-in compass, it doesn’t have its own GPS receiver and depends on the phone to provide it with location data.

The specifications of Google Glass are 16GB of total storage, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity with 5MP camera shooting in 720p video.

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